Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Assignment #8: Luke 10 and the Jesus Film

This post is the 7th-8th grade English assignment for Friday, December 16.


  1. Read Luke 10.

  2. Watch at least an hour of the Jesus Film. (Scroll down the page until you see "English" and then click on WATCH.) See how many of the scenes you remember from the first 10 chapters of Luke. If you have a DVD or video of the movie, watch it on your TV instead! Have your parent write a note verifying that you watched it.

  3. The Jesus Film has been translated into over a thousand languages and is shown all over the world as an evangelistic outreach. It is often played for large crowds outdoors, as shown below with the Maasai in Africa. Read the page Making Film Translations and list the five steps. (Make sure you click on them to read about them.)

4. Imagine that you are part of the team that is producing and presenting The Jesus Film for people around the world. Think about how God has uniquely gifted you, and tell which two of these jobs you feel you would be interested in doing: writing the script, translating it into other languages, acting, directing, makeup & costuming, set design, sound effects, producing the soundtrack, going out to the villages and showing the film, or another related job that you can think of.